Monday, March 11, 2013

Running Historic Trails

Friday, I did sprint drills under cloudy skies and a variety of snow. Getting an early start prevented me from getting the worse of the fluffy stuff, but I still looked like a snowman at the end. I enjoyed creating fresh tracks in the snow and watch them disappear within two half-mile laps. Sunday started out at 30 degrees. Within the three and half hours it took for me to run 18 miles, the temperature rose to the mid 50’s.

The plan was to run somewhere new, so I decided to head over to Washington Crossing, NJ side and run nine miles up and back along the Delaware River. The first three miles were difficult as my right calf started to burn. The ankle was struggling. I alternated between a walk/jog between during miles two and three until it felt better.  I couldn’t tell if there was something seriously wrong with my legs or if my joints were working more than usual because the tow path was muddy and slippery. When I got to Lambertville, I decided I would cross the bridge into New Hope and then head back to Washington’s Crossing on the PA side instead of the “out and back” I planned. I did not know if there would be anywhere to stop and refuel, along the way, but I figured if I got desperate, I could knock on a few doors and beg for water. 

There was a nice energy in New Hope as I said “Good Morning” to everyone I passed and they greeted me in return. Then I found the tow path on the PA side and took it. I got a little bit lost at one point, but to my pleasant surprise I found the Soldiers Graves. I am terrible with American History, but I knew this is the area where George Washington camped out with his soldiers and I was nearing where he crossed the Delaware.  I paused a few moments to pay my respects to the 23 graves. There were 22 unnamed graves and one belonging to Captain James Moore.  These men died of illness and exposure to the cold weather before the Battle of Trenton began. It was quiet and peaceful in this beautiful tribute to the fallen soldiers. I continued on with my run, wondering when and where I would hop off the tow path so that I could head back to New Jersey. 

By the time I crossed over the bridge, I could see that Washington State Park (PA & NJ) was hopping. There was a reenactment of some sort, maple sugaring (I don’t know what that means), artists classes, and the usual slew of weekend athletes out taking advantage of the beautiful weather.  Thank goodness I started early!  

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